Residential Series

Seymour Our Work

our most economical, mainstream range of windows and doors

Clean, contemporay lines, smooth services and generously sized profiles – thats the essence of the Residential Series.

Seymour Our Work


  • Recommended door height of 2.1m, however doors can potentially be higher depending on site conditions
  • A complete portfolio of window and door types, including custom-designed
  • Expertly designed to cater for the majority of residential building projects
  • Sliding panel/s in this range will be the inner panel/s 
  • Seamless transition using our flush sill sliding doors for the ultimate indoor-outdoor flow.

maximise energy conservation and interior comfort


Advanced ThermalHEART technology is the centre of each profile in the Vantage Residential and Metro Series ThermalHEART ranges.

ThermalHEART®️ frames Diagram

ThermalHEART®️ frames

Leading thermal performance designed and made right here for warmer, drier, healthier New Zealand homes. The ThermalHEART® polyamide barrier insulates the frame of the window system, separating warm and cold areas.

  • ThermalHEART® frames deliver almost double the thermal performance of standard aluminium windows and doors1
  • A comprehensive and highly versatile range of products
  • Clean, modern lines
  • high performance in extreme weather conditions
The AGP System Diagram

The AGP System™

Not all windows and doors are created equal and The AGP System™ sits right at the heart of our products’ thermal performance.

  • The ATS-Architectural Thermal Spacer®️ reduces the transfer of hot and cold temperatures
  • Argon gas creates an additional barrier to heat loss and improves insulation
  • Solux-E® is a low emissivity (Low-E) coating that reduces heat loss in winter and over-heating in summer. It protects your home’s interior while providing a similar clarity to clear glass.
Centrafix™ Installation Diagram

Centrafix™ Installation

The Centrafix™ installation method recesses the joinery into the building wall, aligning the insulation elements – wall, window frame, glazing – to prevent cold air from circulating around the frame. This New Zealand designed innovation increases the thermal performance in your home by over 20%2.