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Awning and casement

These popular push-out windows come in a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Because of their strong profiles they’re ideal for carrying double-glazing. This means thermal performance is enhanced, which can be further developed through selection of Vantage Residential ThermalHEART windows.

horizontal sliding

Ideal for servery windows or when there’s a deck or walkway outside. Single or bi-parting sliding panels are available as well as a special double slider. In this latter format, two sliders on parallel tracks allow the choice of which panel to open. Vantage Residential and Metro Series ThermalHEART sliders are available, which also have a stacking option.

Vertical sliding

A Vantage vertical slider is available as well as the all-glass Shugg slider. The Vantage window has two frame options – one with a scrolled Edwardian appearance and the other with a clean flat face for a more contemporary look. The Shugg vertical slider (single-glazed) consists of two panes of glass which slide past each other with no aluminium rails obstructing the view.


These are great for clearing windows totally to obtain views or link with the outside. To avoid obstructing people walking or playing on outside decks, consider using layback bi-folds which fold back flush against the wall (available in 2-panel and 2+2 configurations). ThermalHEART option available in Vantage Residential and Metro Series (without layback variant).


Vantage offers fixed roof windows or opening versions in a ThermalHEART option. The opening window is custom-made, not limited to a range of set sizes. It is glazed with 24mm double glazed units with Argon gas fill and low-e glass (inside) for maximum thermal effectiveness.


Custom designed windows can be supplied when special formats or special effects are desired. This includes louvres, curved, raked, or faceted glass and glass blocks. Talk to your Vantage manufacturer about the design and product possibilities



sliding door

Sliders have earned a reputation as the most versatile and economical door type for access to deck and patio areas. Vantage sliding doors now feature the flush-line sill for sleek good looks. This comes bundled with easy-glide sliding door panels that move effortlessly, an important benefit in these days of heavier double-glazed doors. Also available are multi sliders, which open to two-thirds of their width, and external sliding doors with a clean, minimalist sill section. View video.

bi-fold door

Bi-folding doors open up the full potential of outside living by stacking out of the way to one or both sides. Vantage bi-folds follow the design of the hinged and French doors to ensure a coordinated look. The bi-fold set can include a free-swinging hinged door for easy access without opening up the bi-folds. And the superb lay-back option for clear decks or patios allows fully open panels (in 2-panel, 2+1 and 2+2 configurations) which fold back flush against the wall, out of the way.

hinged door

Vantage hinged doors have clean-cut, square-edge stiles and wide top and bottom rails for a striking visual effect. The rails can be further widened for a more traditional deep-rail appearance. Square cut rails and hidden compression blocks at the corners provide strength and stability. Multi-point locking, where bolts are thrown at the top and bottom of the panel is.

french door

Vantage French doors mirror the good looks of the hinged door and bi-fold systems for a unified appearance. The simple, modern look of the square-edge stiles is further enhanced by the clean overlap where the doors meet. French doors are ideal where wide access to decks or gardens is needed.

duo slider doors

Duo sliders are the natural choice where wide opening sliding doors are needed.

They open to two-thirds of their width compared to a standard sliding door, which opens to half its width. The Vantage duo slider has two panels which slide in the same direction and stack behind a third fixed panel.

Two configurations are available: three-panel units with two stacking panels, or a six-panel unit, providing expansive opening, with two panels moving towards one jamb and two moving towards the other.

A pair of duo sliders can be used to meet at a 90-degree corner without the necessity of a corner post. This allows the whole corner of the house to be left open for unimpeded views and access.

entrance doors

Vantage door options vary from tongue-and-groove to clean smooth panels for a minimalist architectural look. Traditional scrolled designs and the unique Lindo profile are also available for the right setting.

Solid and secure, our door panels are super stable because they’re made from aluminium. So they don’t swell or move in damp conditions. The solid foam inner core is also a benefit from a thermal viewpoint – the transfer of cold to the interior is greatly reduced. All doors can be supplied in dual colour panels, allowing homeowners to match interior and exterior colour schemes seamlessly. Custom designs are also possible.

The durable Mannex finish is a low sheen powder coat that is very resistant to marking and scuffing.



Hardware is often one of the defining features of windows and doors. The form and function of handles and latches can considerably enhance the appearance and usability of your windows and doors.

Unity of design and consistency of performance shape the look and feel of the Miro, Urbo and Icon ranges of window and door hardware. All ranges were designed to achieve excellent function, and to create a unified appearance.


Popular Colours

Matt Appliance White

Arctic White

Matt Warm White Pearl

Matt Off White

Matt Titania

Matt Canvas Cloth

Matt Almond

Matt Desert Sand

Matt Almond

Matt Bronco

Matt Lichen

Matt Bone White

Matt Ghost Grey

Silver Pearl

Matt Sandstone Grey

Palladium Silver

Matt Mist Green

Bond River Gum

Matt Permanent Green Kelp

Matt Wizard

Matt Denim Blue

Matt Slate Blue

Matt Grey Friars

Window Bronze

Matt Charcoal

Matt Ironsand

Matt Gravel

Metropolis Electric Cow

Matt Flax Pod

Metropolis Coal Dust

Matt Black

Matt Scoria

Matt Pioneer Red



Anodising is a durable and colour fast technology that offers an alternative to powdercoating

  • Vantage offers a matt ‘frost’ finish as standard
  • When judging colour consistency and integrity of the anodised finish, the accepted industry standard is inspection from a distance of two metres. Some variability of colour can occur and is part of the anodising process. Visible lines in the aluminium on anodised windows and doors are common
  • Anodised finishes change according to the angle at which they are viewed, ask your manufacturer for an Anodised colour swatch to view in natural light

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